Stainless steel finishes

Stainless steel is one of the most used materials in the construction industry due to its great versatility. The surface layer of stainless steel can be modified through a series of chemical processes, creating different surface finishes. Already in the preliminary phase, it is possible to define the desired type of finish for the stainless steel.

almawareStainless steel finishes
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Hot extrusion: definition and main benefits

Hot extrusion is the production process used to form special steel profiles with a constant longitudinal cross-section. It acts through a force called “compression”. This process can be employed to manufacture solid or hollow profiled bars, with complex geometries and a fixed cross-section, in a single step.

The extrusion process is an optimal solution that in most cases provides financial, environmental and technical benefits to our customer. The waste and cost reductions can be significant when compared with other manufacturing process.

almawareHot extrusion: definition and main benefits
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Extruded steel profiles for internal material handling

The term Material Handling identifies the discipline that studies the handling and storage of materials (generally including liquids, bulk solids, gases etc.) which is carried out in manufacturing and distribution companies (the term “intralogistics” can also be used), but also in the mining sector, in foundries, ports, etcetera.

almawareExtruded steel profiles for internal material handling
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Seamless steel pipes obtained by hot extrusion

The manufacturing of steel pipes through hot extrusion grants an undeniable series of benefits, first of all that of being able to manufacture shaped pipes without any welding. This allows you to avoid the thermal alterations that typically occur at the welding area level.

almawareSeamless steel pipes obtained by hot extrusion
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