Composite profiles



“Composite profiles” are obtained through the combination of two different processes:  Hot Extrusion  and  Laser Welding.

Siderval, thanks to an efficient combination of “Extrusion” and “Laser Welding”, succeed in the new project of producing profiles with bigger dimensions, more complex from a geometric point of view, with different shapes and different steel qualities.

By combining materials with different physical and chemical characteristics, a single- solid- continuous piece is produced capable of responding adequately to the strain generated by external stresses, redistributing it optimally.

“Composite profiles” are increasingly popular solutions in the architectural and engineering sectors because, thanks to their unique characteristics, they ensure high-level performance and undeniable benefits from various points of view.

“Composite profiles” are resistant and characterized by high durability, but they are also extremely versatile in terms of applications: they can in fact be used for constructions and infrastructures of various types.

These “special profiles” offer a transversal applicability that makes them the best solution from an economic and structural point of view.

For this reason, composite profiles are particularly used for the construction of structural elements.


Every production process, such as hot extrusion, at some point reaches its physical and technical limits. Often, however, it is worth doing research and trying to overcome the “physical and technical” limits due to the production process used.

Thanks to the cooperation with our partners  Innostahl Engineering  GmbH and  Montanstahl AG , we can count on excellent technical knowledge to solve any requirement or problem related to “laser welding”.

Siderval is therefore able to offer “tailor-made solutions” by combining the “Hot Extrusion” process with “Laser Welding”, thus opening up new and efficient perspectives also in terms of costs.

The advantages of “composite profiles” obtained from the combination of “Hot Extrusion” and “Laser Welding” are :

  • high design flexibility
  • production of tailor-made profiles made with different steel qualities and with different shapes
  • realizing at the same time profiles with solid and hollow sections
  • obtaining profiles with bigger dimensions and more complex geometries than extruded ones

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