Composite profiles




Every manufacturing process reaches its physical and technical limits at some point. In spite of this, it is often worthwhile to think beyond these limits. This is especially true when, through the intelligent interaction of two different manufacturing processes, it becomes possible to expand the dimensions and achieve a higher degree of complexity while simultaneously using different types of steel.
With our partners and cooperators Innostahl Engineering GmbH and the Swiss Montanstahl AG based in Switzerland, we have the necessary manufacturing knowledge to find solutions to welding-specific problems, and are thus in the position to offer product solutions that, in connection with the hot extrusion process, open completely up new and cost-effective areas.

The main advantages achieved are:

1) High design flexibility
2) Realization of profiles made of different steel qualities
3) Open and hollow sections
4) Larger profiles and more complex geometries than those obtained with the extrusion process alone.

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