Extruded steel profiles for internal material handling

The term Material Handling identifies the discipline that studies the handling and storage of materials (generally including liquids, bulk solids, gases etc.) which is carried out in manufacturing and distribution companies (the term “intralogistics” can also be used), but also in the mining sector, in foundries, ports, etcetera.

The purpose of Material Handling

The purpose of material handling is to make the right amount of material available in right place, through the use of appropriate methods and tools and in full compliance of times, sequences and conditions required to minimize the costs.

Material handling systems can range from simple pallet racks to forklifts to more sophisticated handling systems (such as automatic warehouses, LGV robotic trucks, belt conveyors with decision points, shuttles, sorters and so on). Intralogistics systems also include anthropomorphic robots, various types of palletizers, end-of-line packaging systems (taping machines, film-making machines etc.).

The benefits of automated material handling systems

The design of automated material handling systems allows the functional and efficient internal management of all good handlings operations through the integration of mechanical components and IT components (software).

When properly designed and manufactured, internal handling grants a series of definite benefits both to the company and its customers.

The main ones are:

  • Optimized operations
  • Reduced handling times
  • A perfectly close production-shipment cycle
  • Reduced costs
  • Quick return on investments
  • Optimized spaces within manufacturing areas

The role of extruded steel profiles in internal material handling systems

In intralogistics, extruded steel profiles play a pivotal role as they act as guides for the sliding of all the accessories needed for handling warehouses.

These guides can be obtained from machined steel plates but require a huge investment in terms of working hours and produce a large chip waste.

On the other hand, if the semi-finished product is obtained from extruded profiles that have been previously shaped, the additional machine workings are minimal and involving only small parts, with a subsequent saving of time and crucial reduction of the costs of material.

Extruded steel profiles can be transformed into different shapes, even very complex ones, so that their function within the intralogistics system is fully optimized on specific project needs.

The success of the use of extruded steel profiles in internal material handling applications is destined to further increase over time.

The reason for this positive trend is simple: the process automation currently affects companies across the board, both in terms of manufacturing activities and operations related to shipments and warehouses.

An excellent example of the development of these solutions comes from China, where the electric battery charging systems for refueling electric vehicles are manufactured in a similar way to gas stations for traditional refueling. In short terms, this means that the project involves the construction of automated systems which, through a system of sliding guides, remove the discharged battery from the vehicle and then place it in the chargers. At the same time, the guides proceed to mount a new, charged battery inside the vehicle.

Siderval solutions for internal handling systems

In terms of intralogistics and material handling, Siderval designs and manufactures different products and solutions.

In particular, our extruded steel profiles are used for the design of:

  • Telescopic forks: normally employed for material handling in warehouses equipped with large racking.
  • Telescopic tables: electronically or hydraulically controllable, they are characterized by a high load capacity that guarantees significant work savings and, consequently, a tangible benefit in terms of profit.
  • Railed trolleys: guided rail trolleys allow you to travel long distances in a much more efficient way than traditional drive rollers or chain conveyors and are therefore especially suitable for the transport of heavy loads.

Thanks to its advanced and highly versatile solutions, Siderval is considered a privileged interlocutor in the logistic automation industry and in the manufacturing of advanced solutions for internal handling.

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