Architecture, Building & Construction

For architecture, building and construction, Siderval manufactures special steel profiles for steel and glass façades and structural elements.

Types of steel used

Carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, titanium are the most used in the industry.

For Architecture, Building & Construction

  • Innovative solutions for ambitious designers.
  • Heat resistance
  • Durability
  • Finishes
  • Sustainability
  • Appearance
  • Growing market for high quality profiles with polished or visually appealing surfaces.
    Special profiles used in the most exposed parts of the building, in direct contact with the visitor, such as the lobby or basement.

Key advantages

Tailor made profiles
Seamless and complex shapes
Solid and hollow sections
Very high design flexibility
Small volume production
Midsize to large profiles
Low tooling cost
Prototyping possible

Possible results

Different thickness within
the same section
Integration of grooves
Hollow profiles for lighter
Hollow profiles for water
heated curtain walls

Case Studies


Location: Singapore
Year: 2015
Architect: Raymond Woo & Associates Architects
Façade: HDA TEAM – HDA
Material: AISI 316L

Orchard Road represents Singapore’s “Champs Elysées”, an area of continuous architectural and economic growth.

It is in this scenario that Siderval’s extruded profiles have found one of the most important application.

The 268 Orchard Road project is benchmarked as a grade A shopping center to attract high-end retailers and shoppers.

In order to stand-out amongst the other bigger malls along Orchard Road, the client envisioned the development as the jewel of Orchard Road.

To realize this vision, the design team proposed a special and innovative glass building that would sparkle. The building is the first in Singapore to utilize a system of double-glazed units, structural extruded stainless steel SS 315LN mullions (which Siderval supplied in bars from 3.2 to 5 m) with tension cable net. This system was proposed to eliminate columns within the building interiors, ensuring limited obstruction visually and physically and creating a versatile retail tenancy layout. The transparency of glass and the slenderness of the mullions at 80x150mm and cables optimized the visual engagement of shoppers with Orchard Road. Inspired by the glass pyramids of “the Louvre” in Paris, the building’s main features are the three tilted glass boxes cascading down towards Orc hard Road. Tilting the glass boxes created a panoramic view of Orchard Road from within, despite the site’s narrow frontage.

Due to the provision of this fire protection system, the structural stainless-steel mullions were allowed to be left in its original condition. The natural beauty of the stainless steel marked the structural supports of the 3 glass boxes without the need for cladding or any painting for fire-proofing.


Location: Berlino, Germania
Year: 1992
Architect: Norman Foster
Material: S355

The Reichstag Dome is the symbol of the new Berlin.

The dome has a height of 23.5 m and a diameter of 40 m; it weighs 1200 tons, of which 700 tons for the steel structure, and is covered with two layers of glass interposed by an intermediate layer of tin. The helical ramp, with a free width of 1.6 m, acts as a stiffening ring for the dome.

All the elements of the Dome, including the ramp, the huge central cone and the platform, are supported by the external steel structure that is made of the steel profiles extruded and supplied by Siderval.

The profiles are made of two U-shaped extruded carbon steel bars, extruded from Siderval and subsequently calendared and welded together in order to create a tubular section.

Transparency is the guiding principle of the reconstruction intervention.


Location: Vienna, Austria
Year: 2005
Architect: Neumann

The profile provided by Siderval was used in the facade of the tower.
It is a T shape with an oval hollow, in order to lighten the profile.


Location: New York, USA
Year: 2006-2012
Architect: David Childs Skidmore, SOM

One World Trade Center is a bold icon filling the skyline void left by the fallen towers. While the adjacent World Trade Center Memorial speaks of the past and of remembrance, One World Trade Center speaks about the future and hope as it rises upward in a faceted form.

The two stainless steel profiles were used for the luvres system on the building podium. The two profiles can slide one into the other, allowing the opening and closing of the shading elements.

After the extrusion, the bars were drawn to improve the surfaces and the coupling tolerances of the two profiles one inside the other.


Location: Salzburg, Austria
Year: 2003
Architect: V. Burgstaller

The extruded profiles make up the frame of the entire structure.

Each element is made of two extruded profiles welded together to reach the required section size. The section has been designed as a hollow to lighten the structure and allow the passage of electricity cables and the pipes of the heating / cooling system.

Hangar 8 is a combination of aesthetic quality and functionality. It guarantees a covered space that is at the same time full of natural light.

The hangar 8 – aircraft maintenance function – has a linear and simple structure resulting from the use of the extruded material, that is in strong contrast to the Hangar 7, which is opposite to hangar 8 – that works as Show-room, conference space and has an eclectic structure consisting of huge tubular elements supported by a complex substructure.


Location: Paris
Year: 1994
Architect: Dominique Perrault

The library began as the most ambitious of a long series of architectural projects, the Grands Projets, led by President Francois Mitterand in the 1980s and early 1990s. Alongside the Institute of the Arab world, Parc de la Villette, the famous Pyramid of the Louvre and others, these projects aimed to create a new series of modern monuments for a city defined by its architecture.

The protection barrier all around the complex of the four buildings consists of U and T profiles, extruded by Siderval.


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