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Founded in 1972 in Talamona, in Northern Italy, where production still takes place today,  SIDERVAL S.p.A. has over that time steadily built a worldwide reputation for excellence,  becoming the market leader in the production of hot extruded special steel and titanium profiles.


Recognised for our responsiveness, competitiveness, flexibility and high-quality standards, over the years Siderval has developed an extensive knowledge of hot extrusion technology. Today we are capable of transforming titanium and a wide variety of grades, such as carbon steel, stainless steel and super alloys, to the highest levels of performance.

We have attained these high levels of expertise and performance significant investments made with a view to achieving continuous improvement. As a result of producing exclusively according to specific customer requirements, Siderval has developed a very customer centred focus.


An Italian industrial company, Siderval is the market leader in the production of special profiles. We develop our profiles in close collaboration with our customers to produce the best solutions for a wide variety of applications, from simple structural components to aerospace parts.

Siderval’s capabilities mean that it is able to manufacture complex seamless profiles, even in situations where aspects such as particularly complex shape requirements, small volumes, or the use of difficult-to-form materials preclude the use of other mass production technologies.



Thanks to the expertise accumulated over the years, we are able to produce tailor-made solutions and manufacture seamless profiles of the most various shapes to meet specific customer requirements.


We employ advanced manufacturing processes and toolings to satisfy all our customers’ requirements, offering fast, interactive profile definition and quick response and delivery times with best in class quality.


Our accumulated know-how means we are able to work efficiently with any type of carbon or stainless steel, but also with super alloys and titanium to produce even more specific special profiles.


We are able to keep costs competitive thanks both to our production technology, with its capacity of up to 13,000t/year, and the in-house design and production of every profile specific tooling.


Siderval is part of the Calvi Holding SpA / Calvi Network, a steel industry world leader.

Siderval has forged close ties with the group’s other special profile hot extrusion mills: Cefival SA in France and Hoesch Schwerter Extruded Profiles GmbH in Germany.
The three companies, together forming the Hot Extrusion Business Unit, have conquered a position of unrivalled global leadership in the production of hot extruded special steel profiles, while the resulting synergies enable us to offer our customers the most innovative and competitive solutions.

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