Siderval S.p.A. sponsor of the K2 Valtellina

Siderval S.p.A. is pleased to announce its support as one of the main sponsors of the K2 Valtellina, a thrilling 2000-meter Vertical Race challenge taking place on Saturday, June 24, 2023. This event will be held in Talamona, where our production is located, and it represents a unique opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to supporting local initiatives.

The K2 Valtellina is an exhilarating competition set in the breathtaking surroundings of the Valtellina Orobie Alps, just a stone’s throw away from Lake Como. Along the trails in the municipality of Talamona (SO), participants will face a challenging 2000-meter uphill climb over a distance of only 9 km, ascending without respite until they reach the summit, where the finish line is situated on a spectacular sky-high ridge.

almawareSiderval S.p.A. sponsor of the K2 Valtellina
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Valtellina Industry trademark

Siderval is pleased to announce that it has obtained a license to use the Valtellina Industry trademark. This is an important recognition that attests to the excellence of the companies and their connection to the territory.
Adopting the Valtellina brand means adhering to a common project to promote the values of Valtellina and tell a story that starts from afar and expresses the pride of being part of a unique and unrepeatable territorial system of which the companies are a natural expression.

Using this brand means sharing the local values that unite us internally and distinguish us externally.

Read more here:

sidervalValtellina Industry trademark
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Open day Siderval – 50th year anniversary

Saturday, December 17, 2022 

Saturday we celebrated a special event: Siderval’s 50th anniversary. It was an opportunity to open the doors of our plant to employees and their families, showing them the production process and our daily activities.

Click here to watch the video of the event!

Thanks to everyone who attended.

sidervalOpen day Siderval – 50th year anniversary
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I Progetti del Cuore and Siderval Together for the province of Sondrio


Thanks to I Progetti del Cuore, the city of Valtellina is truly for everyone: the initiative, which has arrived in the province of Sondrio, has allowed the Valtellina di Sondrio Community Mountain to donate a new Fiat Doblò vehicle for the free transport of people with mobility difficulties to the Dappertutto ODV Association.
“We want to thank I Progetti del Cuore – said Tiziano Maffezzini, president of the Valtellina di Sondrio Community Mountain – because it allows us to fulfill a dream and meet the needs of a local association. We immediately supported the project to meet the needs of those who have difficulties and pay attention to social problems. The fact that people with mobility difficulties can move and be free to go anywhere is a benefit for everyone.

sidervalI Progetti del Cuore and Siderval Together for the province of Sondrio
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ITS Lombardia Meccatronica visita la Siderval

ITS Lombardia Meccatronica

ITS Lombardia Meccatronica


Ieri i nostri allievi del primo anno della sede di Lecco hanno fatto visita a due importanti aziende della provincia di Sondrio.

Durante la mattina hanno incontrato l’ing. Teresa Pucci, responsabile dello stabilimento Baker Hughes di Talamona, per una visita alle linee di produzione di pale e di componenti fondamentali delle turbomacchine.

Il pomeriggio ha visto i nostri allievi visitare lo stabilimento di Siderval S.p.A. guidati dagli ingegneri Carlotta Civera e Franco Ruffoni , con i quali hanno visionato e analizzato i processi di estrusione a caldo di titanio e acciaio.

Una bellissima giornata di scoperta e di apprendimento, una preziosa opportunità per conoscere due importanti realtà del territorio, che cogliamo l’occasione per ringraziare.



sidervalITS Lombardia Meccatronica visita la Siderval
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