Extruded steel profiles for internal material handling

The term Material Handling identifies the discipline that studies the handling and storage of materials (generally including liquids, bulk solids, gases etc.) which is carried out in manufacturing and distribution companies (the term “intralogistics” can also be used), but also in the mining sector, in foundries, ports, etcetera.

naxaExtruded steel profiles for internal material handling
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Seamless steel pipes obtained by hot extrusion

The manufacturing of steel pipes through hot extrusion grants an undeniable series of benefits, first of all that of being able to manufacture shaped pipes without any welding. This allows you to avoid the thermal alterations that typically occur at the welding area level.

naxaSeamless steel pipes obtained by hot extrusion
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Siderval special profiles are obtained through a single hot extrusion process, without further processing. It is possible to obtain considerable savings in terms of raw materials and thanks to the flexibility of tailor-made processing, it is possible to produce smaller batches with considerably reduced processing costs. Siderval produces special sections for the production of agricultural equipment such as tool bars, threshing machines, presses and hoeing machines.

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COVID-19 Italy closes all nonessential factories

COVID-19 Italy closes all nonessential factories

Siderval suspend the production

Due to the recent developments regarding the COVID-19 emergency, Siderval has decided to protect its workers and their families, suspending the production. We have made this decision on March 16.

From this week, according to the new directive of the Italian Government (Dpcm 22 March 2020) by PM Giuseppe Conte, Italy shuts down all nonessential manufacturing activities to fight coronavirus epidemic. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced this decision in an address to the nation on Facebook.

The government will adopt further measures to support the economy.

All the activities and industries considered unnecessary will remain closed until April 3. Siderval is among them.

Despite this, Siderval’s commercial staff is working on the smart working regime to ensure the necessary support for our customers. We want to communicate that our readiness and flexibility characteristics will remain unchanged despite the current state of emergency.

We send a message of hope to all affected people and families.

sidervalCOVID-19 Italy closes all nonessential factories
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