New Press Evacuation Unit

The need for a new evacuation unit for the press comes mainly for safety reasons which Siderval is very sensitive to.

As a relevant investment was to be done some efficiency of the process and quality of the process issues and targets have been considered too.

The new system identifies the head of the extrusion/s via a thermal camera, grabs the bar/s using two clamps situated on a moving carriage that takes them to the location needed on the exit bed where they can be either cut or sent through arms and leverages either to the water cooling bath or to the walking beam air cooled.

After a preliminary phase of studies to which several people from several organizations participated, the engineering and the realization have been carried out. Particularly the final works for the installation on site have been very concentrated (in 4 weeks) for needs of production.

The system is now working and its performances are returning to those available before its introduction.

MULTINew Press Evacuation Unit